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Naga Babas (Holy Sadhus) Portraits, Maha Shivaratri
I met the two Naga Babas (naked Sadhus) in my ‘Portraits of a Saint’ gallery that I was fortunate to privately photograph, at the Maha Shivaratri in 2012.

Maha Shivaratri an annual Hindu religious and spiritual festival held in Girnar, near Junagadh in Gujarat, India.

Naga Babas are revered in India as Hindi Saints, Warriors with magical and mysterious powers. They smear their body with ash (vibhuty) as a sign that the body is merely ash. Naked smoking charas and tobacco in temporary tents representing ashrams many Sadhus show the strength of their muscles and sexual organ’s power by lifting huge stones and other Sadhus with their penis! View my gallery of photos from Maha Shivaratri and Kumbh Mela.

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Mark Coughlan Photography and travel blog is finally live!

After six months of toying with doing this site it’s finally complete!

Thanks in large to producing children the last few years have been pretty static with minimal opportunity to travel. Now with two beautiful daughters in tow and growing rapidly I’m starting to get itchy feet. I’ve a few short term and long term plans that I plan to share with you on here.

This website is two parts – First and in the main my portfolio of work from projects I have worked on and images from various travels around the world in the last 10 years of so.
Secondly is this blog something I plan to update on a daily basis. As those that have been following my various websites and blogs over the past 10 years of so I’ve named the blog ‘A Shepherds Bush Man Eats From A Can’, a reincarnation of my old website and blog from the mid/late nineties!

I will blog about my own personal work in the past and future giving background info behind images and bodies of work I have produced. I’ll share old photos and video clips from trips in the past even from the good old backpacking days before digital SLR’s were born!
With this blog I’ll share with you all the work of other photographers I like and videos, clips, short films, documentaries I personally enjoy and recommend you check out.

Do follow me on Twitter (excuse the QPR related rants) and on Instagram as well as my Facebook page for details on new posts on this blog, new photos added to this site.

Enjoy my new website!

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