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Maha Shivaratri is an annual Hindu religious and spiritual festival held in Girnar, near Junagadh in Gujarat.
Maha Shivaratri known as the Grand Night of Shiva, the night after Shiva created the world lasts for six days attracting over one million pilgrims to the site of Bhavnath Temple.
Hundreds of naked Sadhus, known as ‘Naga Babas’ smeared in ash sit naked smoking charas and tobacco in temporary tents representing ashrams. Many Sadhus show the strength of their muscles and sexual organ’s power (e.g. lifting huge stones and other Sadhus with their penis etc.)
On the last day of the festival, the day before the new moon, the main attraction of the fair takes place with a procession of the Naga Babas, which is held at midnight.
The procession ends with the holy bath by the Sadhus in the Mrigi Kund in the compound of Bhavnath Temple and Maha Pooja of the Mahadev at the midnight of Maha Shivaratri.

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